I’m not the kind of person who is easily categorized..I’m an oddity, a weirdo, an enigma, an outcast…a pariah 😉   No filter so don’t ask my opinion unless you really want it.
Classifying me is a total waste of time because there’s always an exception to everything!  I’m grunge, nerdy, goth, emo, punk (even girly once in a purple moon) it all just depends on my mood! I’m a computer geek who loves racing. I’m a hick from the sticks with a college education.  I’m a graphic designer who doesn’t draw much  😉  I am an intermediate Linux user published on Linux Mint and TinyMe Linux.

All of my tech posts used to be here until I decided that my blog was getting too big for its britches so I moved all my Linux posts from here to their very own WordPress blog. It’s called Obsessive Compulsive Linux Disorder and it lives HERE.


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