I’m a NASCAR girl

I just wanted to give a quick congratulations to the man, Tony Stewart, for coming in 3rd at the Daytona 500 this year…If it hadn’t been for a mistake made by his new teammate, Kyle Bush, Tony would not have been “hung out to dry” by himself while 2 other cars were able to ‘bump/draft’ right on by…I bet Tony is seriously pissed.
Hopefully not too much though, it was a great car–great day–great race, all in all a race to be proud of.
Dale Jr. was looking pretty good in his new ride, the number 88.  Commercials are out already for Mountain Dew Amp.  Junior says it tastes like candy, so I would imagine it is even sweeter than Mountain Dew and likely with even more caffeine.  Watch yourself, Junior–it hurts quite a bit to have to drive a car with a kidney infection.


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