New times, new blogs

It is a little odd posting blogs on this site instead of my usual blog..I don’t even feel the need to rant as much hmm…how odd.
There is a poster out there “williamdtucker2099” you should really get a hold of me…out of all the Bloggers in this world..we are the only two to say I love zombies.  You might just be a kindred spirit.  I have no idea; get in touch with me anyway lol
Zombie news: Diary of the Dead..haven’t seen it..hope to very soon!  (Random thought: George Romero is my hero!)
Nascar news:  Tony Stewart placed 7th at Fontana, and it’s on to Vegas, baby!
World news:  There are way too many people in it.


One thought on “New times, new blogs

  1. Pariah?
    This is williamdtucker2099. I edited I Love Zombies out of my profile . . . I still love zombies, but I fell hard for dragons, so…

    Kidding, of course!

    Let’s just say, me and zombies agreed to be friends.

    Diary of the Dead . . . soooo 2008.

    Gee, looking at your linux material makes me realize what a computer illiterate I am. I get by.

    Hope you are doing well!

    -Kindred Zombie, er, Dragon, I mean, Kindred Zombie Dragon Spirit!

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