Cup races and local faces!

Okay Vegas was a total bust for Tony!  Two wrecks in two days and he got hurt both days!  Junior came in second on Sunday’s Cup race though, so congrats to him and obviously he is off to a good start with Hendrick.
Tony, be well soon and take care of that back!New pic up of a band that consists of friends of mine from waaaaaaaaaay back in the day (so far back that it didn’t really have a technical name, practices were in the living room and the cops got called on a daily basis for “noise pollution”)  I’m sure they could probably recite city ordinance on that even after all these years..Well Tongue N Gruve is going places!  They got signed on to Zoomoozik and are going places and performing like crazy!  So congrats, guys!  I’m sure it feels good to have all the hard work pay off…
People, if ever you are in Danville, Illinois then make sure to come and see them!  They perform for the audience, so the more the merrier!


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