Atlanta Action

Today was the day for Toyota!  History was made with a win by a Toyota driver, Kyle Busch..congrats on that…
My man!  Tony Stewart came in second on tires that, in his words, he wouldn’t race on again for any amount of money.  Tony was quite upset with Goodyear and their use of tires that were previously unused by Nascar drivers.  According to Tony Stewart, the folks at Goodyear sometimes “spring” a new set of tires on a team at random, telling them little or nothing in order to get unbiased feedback from the racing team that is using them.  This is a normal procedure but can be unnerving to a driver who is trying to win a race with a set of tires they know nothing about.  Tony, in his usual style, was very vocal about Goodyear having “dropped the ball” and that perhaps Goodyear is not up to the challenge of having their technology change to reflect the changes made in the cars used by NASCAR (i.e. the C.O.T)
Furthermore, Tony elaborated that Goodyear had, in effect, been “run out of” other driving organizations that used to use their tires but have since found them not up to performance standards.  Tony went on to say that if Goodyear doesn’t step up performance, Firestone or other tire manufacturers would be happy to take their place.
Congratulations to Tony on his second place finish despite running on tires that made the car “skate all around the track” (-Kyle Busch)
And Congratulations also to Dale Earnhardt, Jr. for coming in 3rd right behind TonyStewart, slipping by Greg Biffle to take the 3rd place position.  Junior is obviously doing better with Hendrick, off to a great start already!


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