I am writing this in order to make a plea for help from widget developers! I tried to learn how to make a widget and I failed horribly!! LOL, apparently it's just not something I am going to understand how to do anytime soon!
I have an idea for a widget that I would really like to see..and I tried to make it, but of course I couldn't, like I said…I couldn't even make the "hello world" widget work right haha!
Anyway, my idea is for a widget that will put all of a user's blogs in one widget. I have 3 or 4 blogs to maintain and it can be a real nightmare to manage them all. Someone please help with this! I don't even care about the acknowledgement that much; I would just really like to have this application to be possible!



  1. If you can specify what you want done , I am a loooong time programmer who does open source dev and I and my friends will build it for you and put it in the Linux repository for everybody, if it does not exist in dev now. Just specify as closely as you can what you wish it to do and in what context. I just found your blog today and started reading back posts, so if you have already found a solution, never mind 🙂 As I think about it more I could use such a utility myself and had considered it and now that I am thinking, there is a utility! If you push me I will remember, it is in the apt-get , let me look. I popped up Synaptic and searched 'blog' and I had already installed it. ==blogtk== * Connects with blogging systems like Blogger, Movable Type, as well as any system that uses the MetaWeblog API. * Supports advanced editing of posts including custom HTML tags and offline post saving and editing. * Supports basic HTTP proxies.If that program or one in the list for search 'blog' does not work I can mod it and submit the changes.

  2. I looked it up in my synaptic and there it was! Thanks for the suggestion..(but<–sorry) what I was looking for exactly was some kind of program to where you can manage blogs, not just post to them..For instance, I have this blog, my blogger page and my main myspace page and yes, this would be great just for posting..but I would like to be able to view my latest blog(what did I write about again?) or to see comments (like how much I suck) on my blog posts or other features like this…any ideas on that, or am I just wanting too much? lolbut really thank you for the suggestion, it was helpful..

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