Have to wait for my beloved browser to go stable

So my Windows crashed and burned, taking most of my information and such with it..including my Opera! that one hurt let me tell you…
So now I have GNU/Linux and I am pretty happy considering I am a totally green newbie who has already had to reboot once or twice lol..
Unfortunately as well, only Opera 9.5 beta is compatible with Flash and Linux, so I have to wait until it goes stable release before i can ditch my other two browsers lol…Please please please, don't let that be too long of a wait..I am getting seriously itchy without my Pandora widget and my mouse gestures and yes yes I know other browsers have similar features…NONE of them is as good as Opera!!! If I have to wait another year for 9.5 I will, I want it too bad to give up on it lol..But in the meantime, I will be blogging a little less on here..but I shall return!!!!


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