Tony’s great day at Talladega!

Guess who won the Nationwide race at Talladega today??  Tony Stewart, if you couldn’t figure it out already!  This marks Tony’s first win ever at Talladega, so congratulations to you, Tony, especially on tires a hundred laps old!!  No fence climbing today but a long-lasting burnout to remember and a hug and a squeeze for the little girl from the Make-A-Wish Foundation who was there in the winner’s circle to give her congratulations; Tony called her his good luck charm and said he would love to take her all over the country.
And what a race to the finish too!  Dale Jr. was hard on the heels of Stewart most of the day, either running right behind or right in front of the number 20.  On the very last lap, Junior made his move, shooting out to the outside to go around Tony but he didn’t quite have the momentum to pull it off.  Because of the line of cars behind him, Junior got shuffled back into 6th place in the official results.  Still a good day, a good race and a good try for Junior..he took a risk and it didn’t pay off but next time it just might.  It was a great finish for all NASCAR fans!  And good sportsmanship as usual for the son of the Intimidator.
Going nearly 200 mph packed together and lined up nose to bumper, the Big One is a wreck that will take out several cars..In Talladega, it’s not about if, but when!  However, this race went very cleanly with surprisingly good-driving rookies alongside veteran drivers…The Big One might not have even happened if it weren’t for the mistake of one driver, Kevin LePage.  The 45 year old driver from Vermont made a costly error that could have resulted in serious injury for Carl Edwards and did result in injury to one of the other drivers (a former Formula one racer, sorry his name escapes me at the moment).  He was taken to the infield care center and at the time of the end of the race was still at the local hospital where he was transferred to for observation, thereby giving us the information that he was at least moderately injured..Hopefully all is well and he will return to race
another day.
In not such a show of good sportsmanship, Lepage refused to acknowledge his mistake and tried to say that NASCAR had said that where he entered the track was where he was supposed to enter (which was not true).  Lepage was leaving the pits to re-enter the track on Turn 1 (which he was not supposed to do) and despite seeing a field of cars barreling toward him, decided to enter the track anyway (hello? who cares what your spotter is telling you? common sense time!) going nearly 80 miles an hour slower than the rest of the field, thereby getting hit hard by Carl Edwards who was sent airborn and taking out 16 cars…Two drivers later tried to re-enter the race after repairs (Kyle Bush being one of them) but were black-flagged by NASCAR officials for not being able to maintain minimum speed.
Hopefullly, Lepage will see the errors of his ways and apologize, instead of passing the buck on to NASCAR, who did a great job with calling cautions for debris.
Again, congratulations to Tony Stewart on his first Talladega win and to Junior for a great, fan thrilling race!


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