About this add to friends list thing……..

Apparently, it is extremely easy to add someone as a friend to your list…You click on the option and they are your "friend" even if you have never conversed with the other person…Now, I find this to be a tad offensive…I think if someone wants to add you as a friend, then a conversation should take place first. I don't think this is unreasonable, in spite of messages that I have received that say that I am getting angry or overreacting…So let me make this a simple post..for simple minds…In my status box, it says to not add me as a friend without talking to me first..please respect this..it is not an "angry" or "over-reacting" message..it is a simple request. Honor it. I don't want to end up on the friends list of a pedophile or a christian group or something..If you want me as a friend, wouldn't you want to talk to me anyway???


15 thoughts on “About this add to friends list thing……..

  1. christian group 😆 (even the computer's mad at me for not capitalizing christian–GEEZ!

  2. wooohooo! glad to know someone else is on my side!! (seriously I had messages from people telling me I need to get over it and lighten up it's not a big deal lol)

  3. It's okay, we'll deal with THOSE people when the time comes, too.."up against the wall, you collaborating maggot!" :ninja:

  4. and I can't help it, christians creep me out…always trying to convert me into a stepford person…eek!

  5. yay beer!!!I live smack in the middle of Bible© thumping country..and yes, mostly the biggest hypocrites ever..especially the ones that are all "I love Jesus"…the "real" christians that I know don't admit to it lolShould I thank God for being an atheist? heh

  6. Beeeeeeer…..!Christians freak me out. Buncha pansy-ass hypocrites. Most of 'em are the most judgemental people you will ever meet – COMPETELY missing the point of Christs teachings.

  7. sweeet! my own personal maggot killing ninja!! When you are done kicking collaborator ass I will reward your endeavors with this nice refreshing beer…:beer:

  8. Should I thank God for being an atheist? heh

    😆 Only within earshot of real christians! Superb!

  9. Myopera doesn't offer any visible rating system so the only ways for expressing you really appreciate the Myopera user to him/her are:* posting in the shoutbox (not always possible and not persistent nor something you can cancel)* sending a private message which may be too intrusive, needs a message body and once again it isn't something you can cancel.* adding to your spotlights and as far as I know, no notification is delivered to the user who owns the blog.Finally, adding the other as a friend fits perfectly.In fact, it's a matter of miscalled feature in my opinion.Friendship is reciprocal and MyOpera should implement a buddy system where requests exist and may be denied. If they are accepted, both get each other as a new buddy.In addition, MyOpera should offer a feature that permits to notify a user that another user likes him/her with the choice of disabling that kind of notifications.

  10. hee hee @pansy ass…i would swear you were a "yank" just now lol..:yes: (and usually within earshot of other christians, I do a stage whisper of "get thee away from me, Satan" just for my own amusement):jester:

  11. Amongst "Items that are shown in the blog sidebar:", you can add a shoutbox which is some component one can drop comments 🙂

  12. And "Items that are shown in the blog sidebar" is in the "Sidebars and menus" section of the account settings.

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