Linux Mint 5 Beta is OUT!!!

Woohoo! Linux Mint 5, codenamed Elyssa this time is out in Beta version!!! There are some awesome new changes, especially to the Mint Menu and Mint Install and many applications have been added to the Software Portal..Rhythmbox has replaced both Amarok and Sound Juicer (which is my only complaint because I really hate Rhythmbox) and Brasero has replaced Serpentine (yay!) There is also a separate file browser for doing work in root so that it looks different enough for you to remember it is root and not bork your system lol!! There are also new right click options, such as when searching through images being able to use it as the desktop and there is an uninstall option for those of us "tweakers" who find searching Synaptic over and over a tedious process….I can hardly wait to get my hands on the final…Good job Clem and the team at Linux Mint and congratulations! For those interested, here is the link for the release notes for this Beta —> Linux Mint Elyssa


2 thoughts on “Linux Mint 5 Beta is OUT!!!

  1. I'm such a whore for updates of new software! I love trying the latest stuff! Mint sounds like it's totally your distro, having everything you personally want – finding something like that is a great feeling!Enjoy the new betas! :yes:

  2. LOL that is so awesome that you are a software whore..I love it! know, I really think the Mint might just be my distro..I am kind of a chicken though..I will probably wait until the final comes out, which shouldn't be more than a couple of weeks or so..I'm way too much of a newbie to do any testing for anyone loland the only fly in the soup is Rhythmbox..that app is sooo makes me buggy!

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