You can tell it’s a slow weekend already

Yeah. I have nothing productive to say here; I merely have nothing else to's a Friday night and I have nothing going on whatsoever..*shrugs*..Well, what can I say I am just a bundle of fun…I would love to go see the new Indiana Jones movie (finally! a new Indy movie!!) but I'm poor and don't really want to go by myself so I won't..I will just keep listening to music and chill out…
Okay this is why I have never actually written a book.

How about a list of things I would like to be doing? *looks around at nobody* Go for it, self!
1. Attending a or Saliva…no cash, no ride
2. Riding a motorcycle….I really don't have the cash for that
3. Reading…No money for a book I haven't read yet and the library and I are feuding.
4. Taking a walk…raining.
5. Swimming….raining.
6. Watching a race….none happening right now

Curses! Foiled again!


8 thoughts on “You can tell it’s a slow weekend already

  1. I've seen your house…that would take some time lol…but sure why not? oh you have to supply airfare LOL

  2. The new Indy was awsome but not perfect but ill let you judge that when you see it! I wish I could get the hook up with the hot evil Commie antagonist! Smokin hot! But I don't think she is the marrying type…I bet I could right a good movie like that if I had a writing partner, hey you like fiction right?

  3. Nah, Keeanu is better anyway! I wanna see Willy Nelson as a ninja fighting against any well known actor from the north! It will be called Civil Wars: the revenge of the Yankee empire!

  4. LOL well don't tell me about the rate I get money I might be renting it on video! I don't know about the smokin hot Commie lol..I'll leave that up to you to determine…LOL I love fiction! Yep, we'll write the next Indy movie..we might have to put a gun to Harrison Ford's head to get him to do another one though LOL

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