Reflections on the Indy 500

Today was the big day!  The 92nd running of the Indianapolis 500!  Today the big winner was Scott Dixon, known as the “Ice Man” but he was told today that he was being renamed “The Milk Man” as he sprayed everyone with the obligatory jar of milk.

Today was not the day for Danica Patrick…out of four tries at the Indy 500, today she failed to finish for the first time.  She was doing great, having a very good day until as she was exiting the pits, she was hit by another driver who ran into her and broke the rear axle on her car, ending her day…She was completely justified in being extremely angry as she was on her side of the lane exiting pit road.  She was so angry, she looked like your typical angry NASCAR driver, out to “get someone.”  She left her vehicle and went down pit road to confront the driver who hit her but before she could get there and cause any damage, she was escorted back to the garage area by the track security officials…Good thing for that guy she didn’t make it down there (as she told a track reporter later)

Out of all the occasions of the Indy 500 that I have seen over the years, I was reminded today just how time flies and how even though things change, often times racing legacies do not.  I remember as a kid I used to root for AJ Foyt…today I cheered on AJ Foyt….the fourth! lol..

So congratulations to Scott Dixon, who will soon be receiving an invitation from Tony Stewart to join him and several other drivers in the Prelude to the Dream event he has started at the dirt track he owns at Eldora.


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