Tony’s continuing run of bad luck

Today was stock car racing’s longest race, the Coca-Cola 600…This race starts in the day and ends up at night, approximately 4 hours long…It’s a monster, but filled with good racing and plenty for fans to see!  The race started out with the announcement that long time track promoter Humpy Wheeler was retiring after today’s race.  He was well known for his belief that every race fan was the best person in the world and for his legendary efforts to make race fans happy on their day at his track..So thanks Humpy for over 30 years of service.

So as the race started out, with Kasey Kahne and (geez) Kyle Busch in first row, I was quite concerned to see that Tony qualified clear back in somewhere around 31st..I’m not sure because I think I may have actually groaned out loud, thereby missing the actual number.  My only consolation was that the “WonderTurd” was back there too.

Okay, now every Smoke fan knows that Tony doesn’t really need to qualify well and if he does then it’s because he is driving a nuclear warhead instead of a stock car…so not a big deal that he was back there…although it was farther back than I was comfortable with definitely…So I wait patiently for DW to say, There goes Smoke; he’s marching toward the front……and I wait…and I wait….Hmm

Okay there is no marching toward the front…this is bad…the laps start climbing and Tony is losing ground!  What??  Nooooo….again, the only consolation is that the wonderturd is losing ground too.  Then comes several inevitabilities…there is something wrong with Kyle Busch’s Toyota..go. figure.  Seriously, Joe Gibbs, this was not the best idea.  And still…Tony loses more ground…Ugh..

Then comes the middle part of the race…tweaker time…This is the point in the race where everyone is going to have adjustments made to their car in order to prepare for the night-time half of the race.  Then, as the day gives way to night…There..I hear the words I have been waiting for…”You know who’s been marching toward the front?”  THAT is what I’m talking about!!!

All of a sudden, my night has gotten a bit brighter!  Then, another problem as Junior slides along the wall because of a tire.  Then, for what reason I still haven’t figured out from the replay, J.J. Yeley comes down the track and just piledrives Junior…Well of course, most everyone thought his day was done but fortunately the damage was mostly aesthetic and off Junior went, unfortunately not with as nearly fast a race car as  he had before that!

But hey, at least WonderTurd wasn’t winning!

So then, Tony gets up to 19th, then 17th…15th…then all of a sudden he has cracked the top ten.  Sweet mercy!  So then, Tony does what Tony does best…clearing a path to the front of the pack..and woe to anybody that gets in his way (that means you Juan Pablo!)  So finally Tony gets where I knew he would go (to first, of course!)

So then, “it” happens…What could “it” be?  Tony blows a tire with 2 laps to go….2….yes, 2……(pardon me while I cry some more)….yeah, I said 2….So he does exactly what I would do, stay right on the track, right in the middle of it, hoping they would call a caution….but no!  Any other freakin time, they would call the caution but no such luck…so off Tony limps to the pits and ends up going from first to 18th…..ugh!!!….why does this keep happening????

You know, probably no other NASCAR driver has led as many laps this season as Tony but he just can’t seem to seal the deal!  Something just isn’t right…I swear Toyota is bringing him bad luck or something!  The only thing I can say to Tony is to pick up more Nationwide races because he is kicking butt in those!  Out of 6 starts, he won 4 races!  So, hopefully this bad luck streak will end!  Soon!!!!

And congrats to Kasey Kahne with his first Sprint Cup win since 2006 and Junior did well too, coming in 8th I believe…


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