Gone a while

Hello, fellow Opera lovers…who knew one day I would call myself that with pride lol…Lots of things this week. My modem burnt up and I had to wait for a replacement. I had to use my 8 year old emachines computer with Windoze on it too..(ugh)..new modem now, so yay for me!
Then, as a not so yay moment, I was in a serious car accident with a little turd who tried to turn right in front of me and I hit him head on…of course he had no insurance or job or anything so I pretty much am screwed out of a car. I lovingly dedicate this blog to my heap. :rip: I miss her greatly, especially getting on the bus with all the freaks and weirdos in my town.
I am slowly but surely recovering from my injuries and will make more of an appearance next week.


3 thoughts on “Gone a while

  1. That sucks! No computer one moment, and then no car the next. That's a double barreled whammy noone needs. Keep your chin up girl. Bad things like that to happen to to all of us at times. Know that our character to a very great extent is best defined by how we deal with these adversities. :up: This hasn't been the greatest spring for me either as I've had to deal with a ton of problems also. Every week it was something else. Just when I see the light at the end of the tunnel I find out it's a train coming the other way. LOLYou need some good news Lady Artane. Here it is. Linux Mint 5 Elyssa has been deemed stable and the final version has been released today.

  2. Ooooh, nice pic Grant! *drools* lolYes, I am getting okay anyway, now that the knee is not looking like a baseball is stuck to it anymore lol…my chest hurts still where the seat belt dug into me and where I got up close and personal with the steering wheel …….And Wyzwyk…I'm not done, I'm sure…you haven't met anyone with my luck …I'm waiting for the microwave to quit because it's too hot for the oven and my shower is leaking…My fridge is acting up too but I had a stern talk with it (so it will wait until 2 weeks from now to quit lol)Linux Mint Elyssa is indeed my one and only bright spot! I am having fun with it right now as a matter of fact ..working on a review in my head as I write this! If you guys want to see the pics of my dearly departed, check them out on my MySpace page. I would have moved some here but it was rather depressing looking at them lol

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