The coolest thing to happen to me in a while

I just wanted to get on here and brag about how I was doing my business as usual, posting a new review on Linux Mint 5 Elyssa on my WordPress page, when I got a comment from Clem!!! Clement Lefebvre is the founder of Linux Mint so I was completely honored and humbled. How he found my review is anyone's guess but he even took note of a couple of concerns I raised..he even just added Opera 9.5 to the repo!!
This is a good day!


4 thoughts on “The coolest thing to happen to me in a while

  1. Kudos to you Lady Artane…..perhaps you're not really the newbie you think you are. 😉 Your review had a number good and insightful comments, and it doesn't surprise me one bit that Clem, who is always looking for ways to improve his distros, acknowledged your effort. Well done! As I ready myself to install Linux Mint 5 I am somewhat at a quandary as to how I will partition my hard drive, specifically whether I should let the installation program set up the partitions or to manually edit the partition table myself. What did you do? Please realise this is just the first of many questions I will no doubt have as I start on my Linux journey. Many will seem stupid to the more linux knowledgeable so please bear with me as I endeavor to learn linux.

  2. Thanks!!! but yeah, still very newbie as the next part will show lol..I'm still in awe that he found my blog to begin with and then commented on it! :yikes: Congrats on choosing Linux Mint 5…I am loving it so far! You will just love the uninstall from MintMenu feature. That is the greatest thing!! As for partitioning, that's always a tough one for me..I don't have a Windoze partition; I am using Linux only so the only OS I have on here is Linux Mint. If you have something else on there, the partitioner will see it when it runs during the install process. (It's an Ubuntu installer, which means it's the same installer that Ubuntu uses, which is based off the Debian installer) It then gives you the option of partitioning the free space left over (that's the default option) What I always choose is the "guided" partitioning of the entire hard drive (the second option). Mostly because I don't have a clue how to do it another way…I thought about putting TinyMe Linux on there also as dual boot but whatever drive you partition loses the data on it when it's repartitioned, so my thought was "how would one do that without losing the already installed OS?" Since I wasn't sure, I didn't try and since I didn't Need to do it, I haven't looked up the answer to that. I don't know if any of that is useful or not but there it is, such as it, told you I was still quite the newb!Hmm..Grant has Linux too; I wonder if he knows….

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