It just got one shot better!!!!!!!!!

I thought the coolest thing ever was having Clem comment on my review…Wrong!! The coolest thing ever is Clem writing a review…of my review!!!!

Check it out!! (I'm bragging all over the place lol)

Click here to see me made famous!


4 thoughts on “It just got one shot better!!!!!!!!!

  1. ohmigod omigod ohmiGOD! I'm friends with a bone-fide celebrity!!! :hat: Can I have your autograph?!? :flirt:

  2. Muhahaha! I can do better than can be my groupie!! You know what benefits a groupie gets!! LOL!:hat: and woo-hoo!! I am finally a geek!:spock: I got all kinds of email and everything!! lol

  3. Benefits?? 😮 Wow, you don't mean…Free parking??;)It's a good thing there's an ocean between us, you know. I'm a giant whore: comments like that might get me into trouble with my new girlfriend…:pCongrats on your freshly-minted (Geddit?) Geek status! Rock on! :headbang:

  4. hehe!! well ya know, if ever you cross the ocean….lol..hey congrats on the new girlfriend!!yeah!! i am newly minted lol…awesome!! Thanks!!

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