Promoting Manhood

Here recently, I have been thinking how much the men of my town suck.  (What an opener..)  At this point in time, I have actually refused to date any men that are from my town because of the “poor pickings.”  You see, in the town I currently reside, there are a vast number of (haha) “men” who start dating a girl and they have no car, no job, and they want to move right on in.  Pretty soon, the girl is cooking for, cleaning up after, taking him everywhere he needs to go and he borrows money and never pays it back…Sound familiar, ladies?  Apparently, it is not just in my town, although there is a serious epidemic here.

Apparently, the latest judgment of manhood seems to be about whether or not the “man” in question has kids.  It seems that he is more of a “man” if he has at least two children.  Now, it gets a bit stranger at this point.

Apparently, this unemployed, carless mooch is a man if he has children..that is to say, if he has actually contributed to the DNA process.  It would seem that this is the only requisite for being a man.  Furthermore, it seems that if the “man” in question does get a job and a car and helps take care of the children he produces, he is actually less of a man somehow…

I’m not quite sure when this definition of manhood came about, but it is complete bullsh*t.  A man who wants to call himself a man should be able to stand on his own two feet, and be able to teach his children how to do the same.  The “man” of the house should be its protector and provider, not its drain and leech.  A real man wouldn’t need a woman to handle his business for him because he could do it himself.


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