My crazy night

Last night, I had plans to go see my friends’ band, Tongue-N-Gruve, at their last performance of the year..they are getting ready to do some more recording and practice etc. etc…so I was there, having a good time as usual.  I had auditioned for lead singer in a local garage band (up and coming) and they were trying me out and whatnot..nothing specific.  Last night, though, two of the members of that band were there to help out Tongue-n-Gruve, doing the lights and soundboard.  So all of a sudden, the lead singer says he is going to have us get up there and I was like, what?  So, I ended up performing 2 songs with TNG’s drummer and two of the members of SIFT, and everyone was really supportive and told me I did well and it was totally fucking amazing!!!!!!!!!!  I can see why people get addicted to doing this; as soon as I got done, I wanted to sing some more!! LOL..So, hopefully, SIFT will decide what they really need is a female lead singer! lol  Guess I will have to update this when I know something…
Seriously, though, I couldn’t really talk to the guys about it because they are used to performing but it was my first time ever and it was the most incredible feeling to be up there in front of people and they are waiting for you to entertain’s a very powerful feeling to know you are the one who will decide if they will have a good time or what…okay that sounded egotistical and that is NOT me but it was a really powerful feeling, nonetheless……Wooo!

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