Cool Template for an upcoming blog

I saw the most amazing and eyecatching template for a blog today on my random search through the world’s blogs. This template is so pretty to look at with the green, red, and blue triple columned layout. This blog is called Technology with me and it has a beautiful look to it.

As for content, there is plenty of techno-speak on this blog. There are several posts dealing with Mac and Apple. I am assuming that the author has Mac and is very happy with it.
It would appear that the author is up to date on all the latest Mac and Apple happenings, including news that iMac is headed toward an all new line; this is exciting news indeed for Apple Mac fans. In addition, there is news of wireless technology, which tends to go hand in hand with computer users.

Back to the template of Technology with me, which again is quite amazing to see, it must be noted that the author hasn’t fully utilized this template yet. The original Latin phrases (that come with the template design) are still in the about section and when I tried to click on a link to find out about the author, I received an error. However, once these minor issues are ironed out, this will be one of the most impressive blogs I will have ever seen. Kudos to the template designer and the blog author for choosing it.


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