Random Ramblings

Today while I was reading various bits of interesting randomness, as is my particular habit, I came across a delightful blog by baterya that contained several random and quite unrelated posts, which of course made it all the more interesting.
For instance, one of the random topics is an article about Icelandic clams that are several hundred years old! I’m quite the archaeological buff but I had no idea that clams could live that long.
Another random topic concerns a Phillipino band called The Jerks and includes a video and lyrics to one of their songs, Rage. Of course, this is of interest to me as I begin my journey into the music world. Additionally, this song tells a lot about the people of the Phillipines, their way of life and issues.
Upon further reading, I discovered a fascinating article about a church that was turned into a house. This unusual idea was implemented by a Dutch firm that added a loft and painted the structure completely white, while keeping a couple of the church’s original features. The result was quite stunning.
There is even a random bit of philosophy concerning life and coffee.
As a fan of all things random, I recommend this site for its wide variety of topics.


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