‘Tis the Season

‘Tis the season forgifts

Every year it gets crazier and crazier out there, trying to buy those christmas gifts on the busiest shopping day of the year, “Black Friday,” that crazy shopping day the day after Thanksgiving where insanity runs rampant. The craziness generally starts at 4 am (yes, 4) with stores opening their doors early and giving supposedly super great deals. Personally, I don’t feel that the deals are all that great and having a bunch of barely awake folks crammed into one place trying to shop at 4 am is just asking for trouble.

And then, people think they know what they want but I think really they are just wandering around like the rest of us, just trying to find some inspiration for great gift ideas. If on the off chance they do know what they are looking for, it’s generally parents who absolutely have to have the latest, greatest, bestest and brightest of the kids’ (and adults’)toys that money can buy.

Of course there will be the requisite number of men who, having no better idea of what to get the significant other, will head right for the nearest perfume counter..no doubt racking their brains trying to remember the elusive name of her preferred smell.

Then there is the gift to give when you are either on an episode of a television show or you simply have no idea what to get someone (but it has to look classy!) Everyone’s favorite parting gift, the holiday food hamper. This is the gift that has a variety of themes, such as cheese and wine, or various sausages and other food items (chocolate if you’re lucky).

Let’s not forget the bleary-eyed moms looking for her man’s favorite new gadget! Or in the reverse, there are plenty of techno-backward men with a geeky significant other. For these people, there are plenty of toys to go around, everything from laptops to Land Rovers. (Did she just say Land Rover?) Why, yes..yes, I did. What outdoors loving person wouldn’t want a Land Rover for Christmas?

I try to avoid this insanity scenario whereever possible by doing my shopping online. There are fabulous Black Friday deals online too! This is great for those of us anxiety riddled freaks who find it hard to shop in a crowd. So how does one approach the dreaded shopping season and get the best possible deals on merchandise?

One of the ways I like to shop online is by using a website that does my price comparisons for me. Of course, since shopping is an actually beneficial cardio workout, one must remember to stay fit during the holidays even if one doesn’t actually go out to shop. Keeping a good blood pressure is essential. This can be achieved by doing some other type of cardio activity. For the geekier among us, sometimes games can be ideal. One type of cardio can be gotten with Wii-fit, which targets gamers and helps them keep physically fit. Check out this article, “Keeping Fit with Wii-fit” for more info on how Wii-fit can help you.


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