Who likes to blog? We do, We do!!

Blogging these days is far more than just a way to vent all the different things inside one’s head but also a way to be a real presence on the web.  Now, it’s easier than ever for absolutely anyone to have their own “web page” by signing up with one of the various blog services. 

In addition to spewing out one’s random thoughts, bloggers all over the world are able to find each other and keep in touch via these pages.  It’s great for finding the most amazing and interesting people, who write about the widest variety of subjects imaginable.  Case in point, here is a smart and logically set up blog for those brainies among us.  This page is great and has a feature I love..the Useless Knowledge box, which tells about a random bit of information that you might not have known…how do boogers form anyway? 

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