YouTube – Bush ducks flying shoes – Video – Reuters.

YouTube – Bush ducks flying shoes – Video – Reuters.

Oh my gawds this is about the funniest thing I have seen all week.  Apparently, in Iraq, throwing a shoe at someone is a very high insult.  The Iraqi reporter yelled something to the effect of “enough of your bullshit” (no, not a quote) and threw a shoe at Dubya’s head.  As much as I hate the idiotic bastard, I will concede his reflexes are quite good for an old guy.  Then the reporter proceeded to throw his other shoe, which the president barely missed being hit by (I presume he wasn’t expecting the second one lol)  Then the Secret Service FINALLY  gets involved and tackles the guy (no, not with excessive force) but unfortunately the female reporter that one can hear with a faint scream was given a black eye when she was hit with a mic during the melee.  Another reporter tried to get through the Secret Service trying to bash the shoe-thrower but was prevented from attacking him. 

To give him his due, Dubya remained calm and told everyone he was fine and not to worry about it.  He was laughing about the incident while the SS was taking the assailant out of the press conference.

The shoe throwing reporter was protesting the Iraqi occupation (rightly so).

So kudos to the shoe throwing reporter and here’s hoping you don’t get jailed (it’s legal to protest in that fashion there) and too bad your aim wasn’t just a tad better.

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