Police name Florida child killer

Police in Florida say they now know who was behind the 1981 murder and decapitation of a six-year-old boy.

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This is the BBC Headline for the story that I saw at about 3 am this morning.  Apparently, a new review of the Adam Walsh case which has been “cold” for 27 years has  officially declared that Ottis Toole, the original suspect in the case, was indeed guilty of the murder of the firstborn son of John (and Reve) Walsh, the co-founder of the Center For Missing and Exploited Children and host of America’s Most Wanted.  Ottis Toole originally confessed to the kidnapping and murder of Adam Walsh but later recanted, touching off a mystery that would last nearly 3 decades.  Horrifically, Adam’s remains were never fully discovered.  The case of Adam Walsh was a “pioneer” for national awareness of missing children.  The Walshes did something very few people had ever done before then; they kept Adam’s face on television, not just locally but nationally, changing the way missing children cases are handled and getting several laws passed on behalf of children.

Congratulations to the Walsh family; nothing can ever take away from the fact they lost their son to a brutal killer but today they finally have some closure that they have long deserved and that millions hoped they would receive in exchange for their dedicated service to bringing missing children home. 

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