Parting is such sweet, sweet sorrow……


Well, I have been a user of the Opera Community blog for quite some time now but I have finally decided that I have outgrown the blog. Lately I have been trying to earn a little money by blogging so I have had to open a couple of other blogs from regular blogging services. I just don't have time to be on here anymore or maintain this site for the two or three people on here I talk to…

So for those of you who I am talking about, I have a home on MySpace and my other "community" type blog is LiveJournal but mostly my darker thoughts reside here; best to catch me on MySpace or Facebook so there are plenty of opportunities to keep in touch. I will leave this up for another month or so to make sure anyone who wanted to will see this. It's been fun but time to mooooove along..Check out these links to find me in other places to get a hold of me




3 thoughts on “Parting is such sweet, sweet sorrow……

  1. Copycat. You could have made some money out of this one if you'd taken my advice and shown some boobage in action. Pics, maybe a vid or two possibly involving mud and/or trampolines…but, alas, it has come to this.'Tis a sad day.

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