New Look For the New Tony

I figured since Tony got himself a hot new makeover in that beautiful CHEVY Impala, I thought I would make over my WP page.  This is a great looking theme that goes with Tony’s new ride perfectly…check out how hot Tony looks in his new firesuit..YUM!

Seriously though, what is with the no-title???  I am having traffic problems as it is without people wondering what my page is called…grr..fix this someone!

And soooo much easier for a girl to co-ordinate her outfit when she doesn’t have to take into account the orange!!

I sure won’t be sorry to see the orange gone..although it will be weird not to hear anyone talking about how Big Orange is coming up, I know Joey Legano, the sweet-looking little rookie is taking over but that poor kid isn’t a big anything yet lol..(Good luck to him though..he will need it to fill Tony’s shoes)


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