Lovin the new laptop!

My exboyfriend, Billy gave me a laptop that is brand new.  Basically what happened is he bought this laptop and got froggy and decided to install Linux.  Right there, that voided the warranty so he couldn’t take it back…Later, he decided to get a better laptop..and voila, I have a new laptop!!!  I am loving this thing so much!  Loads of memory..and if I want, I can take it places lol…Seriously, this is the best present I have ever gotten, so thanks and kudos to Billy.

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2 thoughts on “Lovin the new laptop!

  1. Generous Ex you got there! My Ex GF gave me a spade once…in the FACE. Bitch got a severe slapping for that one. Up AND downside the head. Boo-yah!

    Yeah, ok, it’s me again. Yer favourite Scots Turtle. But seriously, free laptop? how gorram lucky are you?!? I WISH one of my friends had a laptop just kicking about…instead I’m looking at one of them fangled Netbooks – the Samsung NC10, methinks but am waiting for a wee price drop/vouchers from work before plunging into the world of portable computing.

    Some words you’ve learned recently: Chuffed. Poof.
    Some new words: Knackered. Scunnered. Bawbag. Cheil. Dreich.

    See? I know where to find you online…..bwaahahahahahahahahahaaaaaa! 🙂

  2. lol @ spade to the face (a la Shaun of the Dead?)
    I did get super-lucky on that one! I kind of wish he had given me a new phone because I need one of those but not really a new computer but hey I am seriously not complaining lol..
    And I know nothing about laptops lol.
    Hmm nice, I love love love vocab lists!!! Knackered I knew, scunnered I have a theory, bawbad, cheil and dreich no idea lol
    Yay I’m so glad you found me!! Are you keeping your opera? you didn’t break up with debbie did you??
    And what I wouldn’t give to hear you say wee lol

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