The Daytona 500 of 2009

Oh it’s that time of year again, when the smell of burning rubber and burning oil waft gently towards one’s nose..and the gentle sounds of Boogety Boogety Boogety fill one’s ears…yes indeed, it’s racing time again!!! 
The main event in NASCAR as every race fan knows is the Daytona 500, the racing equivalent of the superbowl.  That time of year for new drivers, new sponsors, new teams and teammates, new cars, new paint, new just about everything you can think of come together for really the first time of the season…so what does that equal??  Simple..drama on wheels…

First, the adorable little “kid” Joey Lagano, trying to fill Tony Stewart’s shoes but not doing too bad, of course until he wrecked..that’s okay kid, wasn’t your fault..for a young’un he’s not a bad driver..not bad at look out vets!

Second, the not so unexpected wreck for Brian Vickers..seriously, why does he still get to drive again??  This time, he and Junior tangled up..topping off Junior’s already horrifying day..

Third, I did mention Junior right?  Sweet mercy, Dale Earnhardt Junior did not have his head in the game today!  Don’t know what’s going on there, Junior but damn you drove better than this with that “evil stepmother” thing you had going on..

Fourth, ouch to Joe Gibbs racing..Kyle Busch got taken out in another wreck..poor guy..almost have to feel sorry for him..nahhhh..

Fifth, wow Michael Waltrip finished 7th!! Who woulda guessed?

Sixth, sorry to Mark Martin who was hoping this would be the year..we all love you but Daytona is seriously your nemesis!

And last but oh so very not least, my man…Tony Stewart comes in 8th!!  A top ten finish to start off the year, so for all you haters who said he wouldn’t run well as an owner, I hope the humble pie is tasty!!


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