The “Octo-mom” controversy

Well, lately there has been a huge blowup about a woman (whose name I can’t remember at the moment because I don’t care enough about her to bother) who kind of looks like Angelina Jolie if she had 14 kids.

Here are the facts as I know them:
Yeah, she kind of looks like Angelina do several other people, A.J. included.
Yes, she just gave birth to a litter (8) of children.
Yes, she already has a litter (6) of children at home.
Yes, her doctor knowingly implanted all 8 fetuses instead of “reducing” the number before implantation.
Yes, she is a single mother. wow.

Okay so my opinion?  First of all, the people making death threats against this woman are even more crazy than she is for having not one but two litters of children.

Second, my tax dollars go to help  her feed her two litters of children, which sucks ass.

Third, she should be sterilized. (Duh?)

Fourth, her doctor should be in jail.

Fifth, CPS should intervene.  Why?  (Bleeding hearts will say, she can do what she wants to..) <–okay you can’t when the welfare of innocent children is at stake.  She knew when she started this that she wouldn’t be able to take care of that many children.
No I don’t want to hear how she can…she CAN’T.  It just isn’t possible.  She has 3 children already with special needs.  Now she will likely have at least 5 more…it is not physically possible for one woman to handle all that alone.  Or with her mother’s help, who shouldn’t have to help, considering she wasn’t asked.

This woman obviously has serious mental health issues.  I just hope someone steps in before she ends up on the news for drowning children in the bathtub, because with that level of stress…sooner or later it will happen.


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