Cell phone review

Here’s something I haven’t done yet..reviewing a cellphone..So here goes:

I recently purchased a CECT P168.  For those of you unfamiliar with that particular type of phone, it’s an “i-clone” or a cellphone that looks and feels like an iphone, touch screen and all.

I had to say it’s a really nice phone, it even has the same wallpaper as an iphone and it’s the same size, shape and approximate weight..

As for features, it has a camera, videocamera, mp3 player and other similar features.  It handled my MMS messages with no problem once I entered the correct settings.  AT&T happily obliged with that one.  The texting area for SMS was nice and I had no problem typing in the letters.  Apparently, with a firmware update, the P168 texting keyboard will go full size but I haven’t got the equipment to do the firmware upgrade (software upgrade).

All in all, I really like this phone.  Unfornately for me, I have a defect which makes it impossible to keep it.  I have abnormally tiny hands.  If you have hands the size of an 8 year old, this phone won’t work for you either.  Every time I went to try to text, I almost dropped it lol..But aside from my own weirdness, great phone!

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