Good Thing I didn’t say never

I just popped in for a minute, so hello to all my friends!


4 thoughts on “Good Thing I didn’t say never

  1. you are a sexy animal and i really respect that!!! I hope that one day I'll give you a big head (or two, at the same time maybe) it's like a particular NIN song in here (hint, it's the 5th track on the third album and contains the lyric "i want to fuck you like a animal"). I hope that the weather is not DRY there where you are, if you kapish, kapish? We'll free meat locker is your mission if you except the challenge? if i keep typing would it "make you horny, baby"?) i thought so, goddess ( i know that you atheist people don't like perfect men that would talk to like this every night before you go to sleep for the rest of your life so maybe i am humping the wrong leg but i cant help it if your ANIMAL MAGNETISM makes me want to be a R-Rated movie sometimes! Peace out, love!

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