The saga of buying new glasses

It’s that time again…time for me to scrape up all the cash I can’t afford and go buy new glasses. It’s been somewhere around 10 years since the last pair and they are certainly looking the part.

Especially now that I am in a band and I will be up on stage, I can’t be seen wearing glasses that were probably in an MTV video (back when they still played music!) So, I found myself doing research, like I always do before a major purchase and I came across something that I had briefly heard about when I was much younger but hadn’t paid attention to that much. I have since learned to pay attention, fortunately.

What I am referring to are known as Pinhole eyeglasses. As I have said I had heard briefly of them but for those who haven’t, they are perforated plastic glasses (like sunglasses, but with many tiny holes in them). Take a look:

These glasses are designed to help people see without having to depend on prescription glasses, which are so expensive as to be unattainable for some people in this economy. Not to say that you can eliminate the need for regular glasses; makes it clear that these cannot replace regular glasses for tasks requiring peripheral vision, like driving and they can’t replace sunglasses for UV protection.

However, there is a how-it-works page that explains in simple terms how vision in the eye works and explains exactly how the Pinhole glasses will affect your vision. In a very small nutshell, using pinhole glasses is kind of like how squinting makes vision better. There is also a FAQ page that answers questions dealing with all types of scenarios, such as what kind of vision problem will be helped to whether or not children can use them (the answer is yes, by the way.)

Something I liked about this website is the fact that, on the page explaining acquired myopia, there is also listed the results of scientific research studies on acquired myopia, which is helpful in deciding if pinhole eyeglasses are something you want to try, espcecially if myopia is your specific eye problem.

There are also a wide range of users, I noted, from all over the globe. User testimonials come from Maine to India, Germany to Scotland and so forth. See what these users have to say about their Pinhole glasses. Ordering Pinhole glasses is easy; just head to the order page and choose which of the five designs suits you best, or get a combo pack that includes one of each! Every pair is a low $14.99, with discounts given for the combo pack and a 3 pack as well. Sounds like a good deal to be far less dependent on regular eyeglasses.

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