Crazy days

Well, it’s been quite the strange couple of days with the deaths of two celebrity icons, Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson.  Of course, Farrah’s passing was not a surprise considering she has been battling cancer for years.  The big surprise was of course, Michael Jackson’s death, of which the circumstances are not yet known, as his body has been flown in for an autopsy.

Normally, I could care less about celebrity events (not that I wish anyone dead) but these two people have had more of an impact on society than most people. 

First of all, Michael Jackson was known and loved by millions across the globe; considering this was about 20 years before internet social networking, that is a pretty big deal.  I can remember being creeped out by the Thriller video, which most people my age were upon seeing it the first few times.  It was like watching a short horror movie that was pretty good at the time.  I will remember that just for the fact that I could be creeped out by a horror-movie lol..(it takes a lot).  Not only that, but as someone who has an appreciation for talent in the fine-arts, Michael Jackson had a dancing ability that made him the Baryshnikov of the pop world.  As to his private life, of course there were a few allegations of child molestation that haunted his career.  I will not say, no..never!  because sometimes you just never know about a person but I feel that he was innocent of these crimes.  I fully believe that his accusers were either themselves doing it for money or their parents were coercing them to do so.  The reason I think this is because, looking over all the weird things MJ was known for doing (like song-writing from high up in a tree) I think he ended up regressing to his childhood years.  He never really got to have a normal childhood and in fact, spent much of it on the road as part of the Jackson Five.  I think all the things he did, from Neverland to having kids over all the time was just a reflection of the child he didn’t get to be.  Who knows? 

As far as Farrah Fawcett is concerned, we all knew this was coming as she had been deteriorating in condition for quite a while.  I can only hope she at last was married to Ryan O’Neal and that she was able to spend time with her son before she went.  I admire her (and the other angels) for their parts in pioneering the field of television for women.  Charlie’s Angels was a show about empowered, strong and independent women who could more than take care of themselves at a time when most TV women were housewives.

And so ends my nostalgic foray into my childhood memories lol.

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