The Skinny on the Fat

There’s a new reality show out there, what a surprise right?  It’s called More to Love, basically a Bachelor with heavy people.  It’s a nice concept to show more realistic pictures of women than the usual model types that are on reality shows.  However, what really irks me about this show is all the negativity directed toward people who are not overweight.

First of all, I don’t think the average woman is a size 14.  I think it’s more like a 10.  I see an awful lot of heavy people but I see just as many skinny people.  Yes, I am one of the small people.  Every time I see this show advertised, one of the women featured on it are harping about skinny people, like we are some kind of evil.  I am getting just a bit tired of being picked on and nagged at to “eat more” when I am perfectly healthy as far as what I eat and my weight.  Not to mention, I spent 10 years being 25 pounds overweight and miserable in my own skin so I have the benefit of seeing both sides.  I never got so much flack in my life as I have when I am small.

When I was heavy, guys didn’t look at me as much..big deal.  I wasn’t looking for one anyway.  I had too much on my plate being unhappy with my body, as some of the women on this show clearly are (crying about how hard it is to be big..)

Well, this isn’t very sensitive but..seriously, give it a rest.  If you don’t like being fat, do something about it.  Otherwise, quit crying about it.  If you don’t want to do the work to lose the weight, that’s fine but love the body you are in.  That’s right learn to love it..and not the “loud and proud” oh I love being big but yet I’m crying because in school nobody took me to the prom attitude either..really and truly love yourself, whether big or small…

Because it’s the ones who hate themselves that are constantly harping on me to eat more and gain do I know?  I was one..I used to “hate” a girl I worked with..why?  I was jealous she was the size I was before I got fat.  I lost the weight and she’s one of my best friends.  The problem wasn’t with her, it was with me!

So, great for Fox, setting up a heavy guy (who by the way seems to like himself very much, honestly) with a whole bunch of heavy girls, some who like themselves (which is great) and some who have no business whatsoever dating anyone until they get over their self-loathing,  but quit encouraging people to set upon us healthy weight folks like rabid wolves.  It’s not my fault you can’t control yourself when you eat..I’m not going to listen to it because I’m too busy trying to control what I eat so as not to be fat again myself.  I worked hard to lose the flab and I’m not going to gain it all back just to make self-hating fat girls more secure with themselves.


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