Amazing Graphics

I’m always on the search for the perfect grunge textures to make art with and I usually search DeviantArt to find what I need.  I came across some of the most amazing patterns and textures I have come across on a site aptly named Webtreats etc.  This is one site in a small network of “etc” sites that contain tons of free graphics, from social networking icons to twitter backgrounds, text effects and patterns. 

What is great about Webtreats etc is that not only are their graphics among the best there is but also most of them are free to use!  There are some premium items that can be purchased (and I didn’t find anything over 99cents) but most of what Webtreats has to offer is completely free.  Additionally, for us lovers of all things open-source, they don’t require any kind of attribution whatsoever for their amazing art.  You can take the items to use in your own artwork, web design or whatever else and you don’t even need to link back to Webtreats, let alone give any credit.

As someone who has a passion for graphic design can tell you, Webtreats is one to watch, and often!  Their content is updated just about daily, with new and amazing artwork to download and enjoy.  In fact, Webtreats is the only site I have favorited on my DeviantArt page, where I keep a close eye on all their latest offerings and tutorials.  Here’s a little teaser of a set of patterns I just downloaded, called Icy and Watery Blue (click on the pic to go directly to the download page)
Perhaps the most amazing of all is my endorsement, despite the fact they use Photoshop!  I am usually all about the open-source but one can’t ignore great art, and great effort.  As well as including PSD files (not sure what they are since Linux doesn’t read them lol) they also include the original images that I can use as patterns right away and the Photoshop brushes are now compatible with GIMP. 

So, any artists out there who love graphic design, check these guys out!

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