Getting Glasses Cheaper

I have been wearing glasses, full time, since I was six years old (and needed them from 4 or 5) so I have had them for 30 years now.  When it comes to glasses, finding a good pair at the right price is a major undertaking that spans weeks, searching and trying on endless pairs..hoping they look okay and especially hoping for the right fit.  (I’m a small person..more on that in a minute)

So the last pair I got was from Sears.  All told, just frame and Transition lenses (that adjust to changing light conditions) came to $200.  Seriously.  And from what other people are always telling me, that’s cheap.  It was certainly the cheapest I could find in my area.  The worst part for me is that I’m a very small person.  I actually have (not want, have) to wear children’s frames.  Sears charged me adult pricing for the children’s package.  Gee thanks,  It’s not like I could wear what I actually paid for.  Talk about disgruntled.  So, the next time I need glasses, I won’t be shopping there.  So where can I go to find cheaper prescription glasses?

While searching reviews for places to get glasses, I’ve just recently come across Eric’s Review of Zenni Optical. and learned about Zenni Optical.  I went on the website for Zenni Optical and their prices blew my mind.  Not impressed?  How about prescription glasses starting at 8 bucks?  Seriously!  Here’s a picture of one of the pairs of $8 frames that I liked.

Of course there are designs for everyone!  With a under $% shipping charge, you can order as many pairs of glasses as you want for the same low shippng.  Zenni Optical has the lowest prices on progressive glasses too.  They start out at just $29.95!  In addition, they have frames made out of metal, plastic, titanium, mixed metals, aluminum alloy and more, so whatever you like your glasses made of, they’ve got it.  There are so many different styles to choose from that I couldn’t possibly list them all here.  Finally, it is possible to get the best quality eyeglasses at a price we can all afford in these troubling economic times.  I will be buying my next pair of glasses from the #1 online Rx glasses store, Zenni Optical.


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