The first douche of the day

This is a brand new category about people who are douchebags and need to be addressed as such. Very first douche of the day is…

I was walking into the mall *shudders* to go to the “Piercing Pagoda.” Yes, this is exactly what the name denotes.  I was looking for a helix for my cartilage piercing when I notice a girl, about 18, with a baby in her arms..of course I was immediately disgusted because the baby was maybe a month old..tops.  So the stupid piercer punches holes in a newborn’s ears.

Of course, the baby in question starts crying, with that “baby in real pain” cry that makes mothers everywhere come running.  And the idiot’s idiot mother looks over at me and says aww, isn’t that cute?  I believe the look on my face said it all as she actually recoiled away from whatever look I was using at the moment.  Why yes, you wrinkled up whore, it’s adorable that your grandchild is screaming in pain.  Congratulations on your infant mutilation mommy.  You have deliberately inflicted pain on your infant daughter to either A.  have something pretty for you to look at or B.  avoid the question of ‘is it a boy or girl?’  Seriously?  Deliberate, premeditated infliction of pain upon your own child, most likely for your own aesthetic pleasure.  Um, they make “earring stickers” fucktard! So here’s to that mother and daughter stupid-whore combo, thanks for being the first douches on my list.

The second douche is the company that owns that place.  How about some consent from the person about to be mutilated?


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