Number 3 is Back!

On July 2, 2010  Dale Earnhardt Junior will pay tribute to his legendary father, Dale Earnhardt by driving the Number 3 car in a Nationwide series race at Daytona International Speedway.  This event will happen due to a collaborative effort between Richard Childress Racing, JR Motorsports and DEI (Dale Earnhardt Inc) as well as Wrangler, who will be sponsoring the car.

Dale Earnhardt is being inducted into the NASCAR Hall of Fame and this collaborative effort was brought together in order to pay tribute to one of NASCAR’s most popular drivers of all time.  The car, sponsored by Wrangler, will feature the color scheme similar to the “Wrangler Jean Machine” theme that was used in the 80s.

Wrangler has a long history with Dale Earnhardt and Junior, being firs the main sponsor of Earnhardt from 1981-1987 and then in 1998, Wrangler went with Dale to DEI.  In 2004, Junior partnered up with Wrangler, a partnership that continues today.

This will be a great day for all fans of Dale Earnhardt and his son.


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