Douche of the Day-BP

Today’s Douche of the Day award goes to….*insert drum roll of shame*….BP, who else?  Not only are they hideously poisoning the planet but now instead of putting money toward cleaning up their own damn mess, they are putting up webpages and TV advertisements.  Today I saw the TV ad which featured some gentleman who claimed to have volunteered for the job of processing claims for BP because he was from the affected area and wanted to do all he could to help.  Well, bully for him (if indeed he is a volunteer, because in my opinion it sounded more like he was hired for damage control or a spin doctor.)  However, I don’t think that I need to see an ad for BP claims department in ILLINOIS.  That’s right, they are massively wasting money, first with top billing on website search engines and now by placing ads for claims in an area no where near the actual affected area.  Take that money and clean up the animals you are killing!  Stop wasting time on public relations because the fact of the matter is that we don’t want to hear your opinions of yourself and your own measly efforts to clean up the worst environmental disaster in American history.  We want you to shut the hell up and clean up!!!  Douchebags.


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