Don’t Tell Me Crap and Say Fox News Said So

I’m so sick of people saying something completely stupid and then giving me some load of crap about how reliable their source is…the source being Fox News.  Even in the face of hard evidence there are still people out there who think that if Fox News said it’s true then it must be.  People, use the brains you were given..if you can’t do that, then borrow one from a smart person.  It is fairly common knowledge that Fox News won a lawsuit in which the judge ruled (in summary) that there is no law about reporting the truth on the News so Fox News is allowed to misrepresent and lie about it if they want to.

So, if you hear some jackass saying they heard it from Fox News, tell them to check the BBC or Reuters like any other intelligent person in the world does and certainly don’t try to argue a point based on the fact that Fox News said so.

For those 3 of you without the brain cells to  think for yourself and without friends to loan you any, here is the link to the story that covered the results of the lawsuit, which by the way, not one major News source carried.  Of course not that would be very bad for business to remind people not to trust the news.

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