Douche of the Day-Mel Gibson

In an ongoing attempt to see how far crazy can be pursued, Mel Gibson got into a screaming match with his ‘baby momma’ with whom he cheated on his wife.  Yes, I am aware that Mel Gibson qualifies as Douche of the Day many many times over.  Focusing on just this latest installment of Tom Cruise-itis, in a somehow obtained set of phone call snippets Mel Gibson displays classic abuser tendencies– blame others for his own actions, screaming obscenities (of which fuck or some variation thereof appears the most frequently) threatens the little gold digger (well, duh what did you expect from someone willing to be with you while you are married, stupid?) and calls her other delightful names that women everywhere just love to hear.

Apparently, he bemoans (loudly) the fact that he spent over 5 million dollars on her..uhhh-huh..and that he is so broke he has to sell his Lakers box seats (here, have a cookie Mel).  In essence, being a racist pig just isn’t enough for Mel..he is ambitious enough to want to be a drunken wife beater too.  You go Mel.

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