Mediocre Breakfast

For about a week now I have been craving some steak and eggs so today I was finally able to get to Cahills to order it.  Cahill’s family restaurant is famous in our town for breakfast and I have had nothing but good experiences so I expected to have a great experience today.  However, right when I walked in I stood to wait to be seated..I waited and waited until finally I heard a girl say she’ll have to wait a minute..after several more minutes, a couple went to leave and the girl came and checked them out..she didn’t say a word to me until after sorting tickets..then she asked me if I was there to eat..really?  I finally get seated and put in my order.  It was brought quickly but I didn’t enjoy hearing the cook talk about her previous evenings adventures to the staff while I waited.  The chopped steak I ordered? A slab of meat with a knife..apparently the customer adds the chopped part.  My unbuttered toast had butter on it and my scrambled eggs were simply beaten milk.  I never saw my server again and the check was brought with my food like they were rushing me out.  I usually don’t complain but I no longer believe in Cahill’s as the best breakfast place in Danville.

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