Swearing is not a sin

I’m getting so tired of people saying not to swear because it’s a sin..seriously? These people apparently don’t think about the fact that words like fuck and shit are in ENGLISH.  None of the people mentioned in the Bible© spoke English.   The languages they spoke mainly consisted of Aramaic and “Italian” (the Romans, you ken) and no where in those languages did the words fuck, shit, dick or asshole appear.  They are therefore not banned by the Bible© as the people who wrote it had never even remotely heard of these words.  My point is proven so get off my case.

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3 thoughts on “Swearing is not a sin

  1. Oh hey, you fixed the contrast on your header – looks MUCH much better! Fabulous! *thumbs up*

    Perhaps it’s not the literal use of language they’re describing as a sin but the very act of using language in a harsh, belittling way?

    …nah, not even I can convince myself of that one. Fucking middle-class fucking cumbuckets with their holier-than-fucking-thou attitudes. Tell ’em to fuck off back to planet CUNT.

    And don’t apologise afterwards. (after-words, geddit?? Hee hee)

  2. There’s been a shocking drop in the quality and quantity of your fawning lately, possibly due to that male-attachment you recently fitted yourself with (and freed yourself from?). I demand reparations!

    …and are you really saying you’re simply an eager depository for male ejaculate? God, I love those kinds of women.

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