Finally found that movie!

Today I finally got to watch a movie I saw when I was about 6 and didn’t know the name of..all these years no one else knew the name of it either…well, I posted what I could remember on a website forum for horror movie fans such as myself 🙂 called  and they have an entire section of archives for people searching for the names of movies they’ve seen.  I got a response for mine and actually got the name of the movie, which incidentally is called Something Evil (1972).  Even better was that someone had posted it on YouTube in parts, so I got to watch it..not a whole lot like I remembered but there were bits where I was like oh yeah, I remember that.  So, oddly enough, a weight was lifted that I hadn’t even realized was there.  Odd how a movie can stick with a person to the point they look for the name of it for 20 years (okay, more than that)…..

I’m doing a little happy dance right now.


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