Dual boot adventures

The other day was quite the adventure when I decided to dual boot Meego Linux on my new Acer netbook that came with Windows 7 Starter.? By the way that is the worst OS EVER!? I repartitioned and installed Meego only to discover that upon reboot, it would only boot into Meego.? No bootloader! Grrr! So I finally get back into Windows only to have it reinstall from the backup partition! So then it would only boot into Windows…after googling I found one person doing the same install as me and posted a tutorial.? Unfortunately the steps didn’t work for me.? So, to see if the problem was universal I installed Ubuntu Netbook edition.? Bootloader worked fine..unfortunately I despised UNE. So I took that off and rebooted…to have a grub error!!! More googling got a quick fix for that..back into Windows..then to reinstall Meego cuz I really like it.? So then I got back into windows, just to have it run the repair again..ugh..then I downloaded a program to make a bootloader..after reinstalling Meego again..thank goodness it’s fast..and I was able to create a bootloader that actually worked! So now I am happily using Meego, while keeping Windblows to use just for updating my daughters Nokia phone.

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