Fixing the Speed Dial in Opera 11.10

Speed dial in Opera is awesome. I use it every day. All my favorite sites, with thumbnails, right in front of my face. Opera changed this for those who wanted infinite speed dial to a page of huge thumbnails and if there are more than 9 the page starts scrolling..if you have to scroll to find your speed dial box of choice, it becomes somewhat redundant. Here’s my fix.

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In case this doesn’t get fixed in the final version of Opera 11.10, here is the fix for the giant speed dial boxes that scroll, thereby defeating the purpose of speed dial in the first place.  In the address box type the following with no spaces  about:config  Then, in the search box, type speed dial, which will bring up the speed dial config section under user prefs box, there are some options: number of columns, speed dial file, state, etc.  Under speed dial zoom level, lower the amount from 100% to about 70%.  This will make it look about like before.  Enjoy!




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