Motorola Atrix

I am loving this phone! I just switched from Sprint, which I had endless network issues with, not to mention the Evo 4g which has all the battery life of a full size digital camera (ugh) to AT&T. I really wanted to go back to Verizon but I just couldn’t afford it. I really miss my Droid. Now tho, this new phone I have is great. The Motorola Atrix is an awesome phone, very much like a Droid without the keyboard. The last month I had my Droid I didn’t even use the keyboard anyway. I’m a total Swype addict.I always said I wouldn’t get a touch screen only phone but Swype changed that. The best part is I can actually use the internet again! With the Evo I pretty much had to plug the damn thing into the wall just to see a web page! I haven’t charged this phone figure since yesterday and I’ve all still got half the battery! Lovin it!

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