Gnome 3

Okay, I downloaded Fedora 15..but not to review Fedora Linux..but to review Gnome 3. There are several things to like about it, such as the simplicity and ease of navigation..and it shore is purty. But, I don’t like it. I use Linux for one main reason. It looks and does EXACTLY what I want it to do, not what some corporate entity wants it to. The feature set is exactly what Gnome needs. The taking away of customization is a horrible step in the (Windows) wrong direction. I get the need to revamp, and appeal to newbies, primarily refugees from Windoze..Clean it up, Team Gnome then I will be back to revisit this.

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Simply Beautiful

GNOME 3 takes elegance to a new level. Every part has been carefully crafted to give it a harmonious, beautiful, look and to make it simple and easy-to-use.

An overview at a glance

The Activities Overview is the portal to all your computing activities. Quickly accessible using the top-left hot corner or windows key, it provides a single place to access windows, applications and even messages. The dash allows you to see which applications are currently running and the workspace switcher can be used to group windows.

Integrated messaging

GNOME 3 incorporates a unique, built-in messaging system. Messages can be directly responded to from notification popups, and you can access your previous communications from the Messaging Tray which is always available from the bottom of the screen. This means that holding a conversation does not require repeated window switching.

Everything at your fingertips

Search is central to GNOME 3. Applications, windows, documents and even settings can all be quickly and easily searched for from one place. Accessing GNOME 3′s search is as simple as pressing the windows key and starting to type. This is a great feature for people who like things to happen fast.

Easy system settings

GNOME 3 includes an integrated, easy-to-use settings interface. Finding settings is straightforward, and can be done either by browsing or searching. The GNOME 3 system settings include everything that you need and nothing that you don’t.

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