The degradation of Gnome

I recently had an opportunity to test out Gnome 3.? I have already mentioned that I dont like it but I hadn't expanded on why that is.? As the owner of two websites devoted to help new Linux users, I always appreciate when applications try to cater to being newbie friendly.? However, I feel that Gnome 3 is a giant step in the wrong direction.? Gnome 3 is very limiting to the end user in general.? Everything is pretty much set up in the way it is set up and that is it.? For all the people who hate the limiting manner of Unity desktop, you are going to feel right at hate with Gnome 3.? Everything is decided for you, layout, categories…no customization.? Sure there are work arounds..aren't there always but should users have to use a ton of work arounds in order to get a desktop that does what the user wants it to do? Isn't that defeating the purpose of using Linux?? More than anyone I understand the importance of making applications user friendly but to make everything dummy proof is pretty much taking the point out of using Linux entirely.

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