The Latest Linux Mint- with KDE

I'm currently downloading the latest offering from Linux Mint 12, 64 bit with KDE.? Normally this wouldn't be that big of a deal news-wise but with the fiasco known as Gnome 3, everything has been turned upside down as Clem and the gang try to keep their loyal fan base from scattering to the four winds as the majority of Linux users have been suddenly left out in the cold.? Lefebvre shows his usual genius by creating a brand new desktop that has gotten rave reviews even in its beta form.? Other Linux users, such as myself, have suddenly been turning to other desktop environments in the wake of the chaos caused by Gnome's sudden and intense desire to copy Unity desktop which, outside of newbs, is useless for most end users.? Add to that the new Gnome project policy of "we don't care what our users want" and its no surprise that even the most loyal Gnome 2.x users are now looking at KDE in a more "how you doin'" kind of way.? In about an hour I will be testing out the new Linux Mint 12 KDE fir myself.? For the last two months I have been 'in limbo' thanks to the Gnome 3 mess and I have been using Chakra Linux in order to try out KDE to see if I could tolerate it.? It has come a long way since the last time I tried it and fir the most part I have been enjoying it so I think I will be right at home using Linux Mint 12..I sure hope so anyway..In the meantime I do recommend giving Chakra Linux a try..its Arch based so you know you will get the most bleeding edge everything..

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